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Finance Dept



Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for managing the council's financial resources and ensuring fiscal sustainability. Key duties and responsibilities include:

  • Preparing and managing the council's annual budget and financial plans.
  • Monitoring and controlling council expenditure to ensure adherence to approved budgets.
  • Collecting revenue and managing the council's investments to maximize returns.
  • Ensuring compliance with financial regulations, accounting standards, and good financial governance practices.
  • Preparing financial statements, reports, and forecasts to support strategic decision-making.
  • Providing financial advice and support to other council departments to assist with planning and budgeting.
  • Managing council assets, including their procurement, maintenance, and disposal.
  • Coordinating external audits and responding to audit findings to maintain transparency and accountability.
  • The Department is currently being headed by Council Treasurer. The treasurer also heads the council’s three sub-offices which are found in the District’s wards in the rural service centers. The Finance Committee approves Council budget and public expenditure at local government level, and meetings are held monthly Accountability and transparency is shown by this department through the advertising of the council expenditure and budget in the newspaper for those with any queries to come forward. This is also done per the gazetted statutes by the Minister of Local Governance.

    Plan and Budgetary control

    • To arrange and deliver an adjusted spending plan for the council and guarantee that execution is in accordance with monetary plans.
    • The monetary allowance ought to be prepared for execution at the beginning of the year
    • Lead preparing on spending readiness and administration
    • Spending surveys
    • Get ready levy plans for advertising

    Monetary Articulations

    • To create monetary explanations on a quarterly, and yearly premise.
    • Arrangement of review plans.
    • Help of Outside reviews.

    Administration Reports

    • Segment produces back and advancement investigates a month to month premise.
    • Other money related investigation reports for control purposes