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Health Services



Health Services

Umguza Rural District Council (RDC) has made significant progress in providing accessible healthcare services to its residents through the establishment of clinics across various wards within the district. These clinics play a crucial role in addressing the healthcare needs of the local community and ensuring that essential medical services are available to all. The clinics offer a range of services, including general consultations, maternal and child health care, immunization, family planning, HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, and minor surgical procedures. Additionally, some clinics have specialized departments, such as dental and ophthalmology units, to cater to specific health concerns. While some of the clinics have been completed and are fully operational, there are still a few that are under construction. The ongoing construction projects reflect Umguza RDC's commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure and increasing access to quality healthcare services for its residents. Overall, the clinics in Umguza RDC are vital resources for the local community, providing essential medical care and contributing to the improvement of public health within the district.

  • Observations e.g BP check, temperature, pulse, respiration, weight check, urinalysis and haemocheck, height check
  • Taking history and doing examination of all patients
  • Consultation of all patients
  • Recording on T12 and other registers
  • Recording all findings on clients cards or medical books
  • Diagnosing patients
  • Dispensing of drugs
  • Health education on drug compliance, diet, personal hygiene, side effects of drugs and review dates
  • Offering PITC and VCT services
  • Counseling of patients on all medical conditions
  • Condutcing uncomplicated maternity deliveries
  • Referral of all patients as need arises
  • Offering out patients services to hard to reach areas.

  • Drug management

    • Maintenance of drug storeroom in ideal state e.g ensure good ventilation, free from pests, rodents, moistures, ants, heat, and contamination
    • Ordering of drugs and ensuring good storage
    • Use of FEFO method and FIFO in medicine management
    • Opening of stocks control cards
    • Doing monthly drug counting-physcal counting
    • Ordering drugs from the district hospital monthly
    • Making emergency drug orders
    • Taking expired drugs to the hospital (district)

    ZEPI-Zimbabwe Expanded Program On Immunsation

    • Management of cold chain
    • Health education on importance of FCH daily
    • Responsible for child growth monitoring and updating every child health card
    • Screening of all children for immunizations
    • Conducting immunization sessions using super market approach
    • Conducting outreach immunizations on hard to reach areas
    • Data capturing using T series
    • Data analysis monthly (using T5, T2, T1)

    ZEPI Continued

    • Compiling of statistics
    • Drawing and updating vaccination coverages on graphs monthly
    • Reporting on any EPI diseases out breaks to PMD timeously
    • Filing in of surveillance foms
    • Taking blood or stools in case of any EPI epidemics
    • Packing of EPI epidemic specimens and sending them P.M.D timely by reverse cold chain
    • Ordering and distribution of vaccines
    • Mobilizing the community liazing with community health workers and community leaders on national immunization days
    • Collecting and distribution of IEC material on EPI for Umguza East clinics
    • EPI stock management for the whole Umguza East
    • Calculation of vaccine wastages.

    Administration duties

    • Drafting duty roasters
    • Recommending leave days for subordinates
    • Appraising of junior staff including student nurses
    • Conducting domiciliary visits with student nurses
    • Support and supervision of student nurses
    • Sourcing quotations
    • Raising expenditure vouchers
    • Purchasing clinic provisions
    • Acquittal of expenditure vouchers receipts
    • Planning and implementation of outreach services
    • Mobilization and sensitization of community health workers and community leaders on health issues
    • Liasing with schools to inform the community about outreach services to be undertaken on stipulated dates.

    Infection Control

    • Health education on health and hygiene, personal hygiene, environmental hygiene, coughing technique to prevent spread of air bone diseases e.g T.B and good nutrition
    • Collection of sputum and sending to laboratory
    • Contract tracing of STI and TB and screening contacts
    • Use of protective clothing e.g gumboots and gowns
    • Conducting safe deliveries
    • Application of TEO to newly born babies
    • Application of universal accepted methods when dealing with blood and human excreta
    • Proper sharp disposal using sharp disposal boxes
    • Auto clawing of instruments and dressing packs
    • Wound dressing using aseptic techniques
    • Washing of hands after after every procedure
    • Using of disinfectants on soiled linen and when cleaning floors
    • Damp dusting before conducting sterile procedures e.g an hour before aseptic technique.

    Prevention Service

    • Pretest and posttest counseling and testing following a needle prick injury
    • Administration of post exposure prophlaxis following a needle prick injury
    • Offering PMTC phrohylaxis and ART
    • Screening blood for syphilis and treating them including the significant others
    • Health education on HIV-AIDS transmission
    • Screening for T.B on all pregnant mothers
    • Health education on correct and consistent use of condoms both male and female condoms
    • Correct disposal of used condoms
    • Health education on importance of vaccinations.

    Family Planning Services

    • Group information giving to all patients who come to the clinic aout reproductive health and family planning
    • Give information daily on family planning methods and assist each client on choosing the method of choice
    • Inform all clients about how to use F.P method to enable the client to choose wisely and have an informed choice.
    • Explain on disadvantages and disadvantages of each method to enable the client to choose wisely and have an informed choice.
    • Involve males into family planning services so as to gain male involvement in promoting condom use
    • Give review dates.