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Management of patients

  • Observations e.g BP check, temperature, pulse, respiration, weight check, urinalysis and haemocheck, height check
  • Taking history and doing examination of all patients
  • Consultation of all patients
  • Recording on T12 and other registers
  • Recording all findings on clients cards or medical books
  • Diagnosing patients
  • Dispensing of drugs
  • Health education on drug compliance, diet, personal hygiene, side effects of drugs and review dates
  • Offering PITC and VCT services
  • Counseling of patients on all medical conditions
  • Condutcing uncomplicated maternity deliveries
  • Referral of all patients as need arises
  • Offering out patients services to hard to reach areas.

  • Drug management

    • Maintenance of drug storeroom in ideal state e.g ensure good ventilation, free from pests, rodents, moistures, ants, heat, and contamination
    • Ordering of drugs and ensuring good storage
    • Use of FEFO method and FIFO in medicine management
    • Opening of stocks control cards
    • Doing monthly drug counting-physcal counting
    • Ordering drugs from the district hospital monthly
    • Making emergency drug orders
    • Taking expired drugs to the hospital (district)

    ZEPI-Zimbabwe Expanded Program On Immunsation

    • Management of cold chain
    • Health education on importance of FCH daily
    • Responsible for child growth monitoring and updating every child health card
    • Screening of all children for immunizations
    • Conducting immunization sessions using super market approach
    • Conducting outreach immunizations on hard to reach areas
    • Data capturing using T series
    • Data analysis monthly (using T5, T2, T1)

    ZEPI Continued

    • Compiling of statistics
    • Drawing and updating vaccination coverages on graphs monthly
    • Reporting on any EPI diseases out breaks to PMD timeously
    • Filing in of surveillance foms
    • Taking blood or stools in case of any EPI epidemics
    • Packing of EPI epidemic specimens and sending them P.M.D timely by reverse cold chain
    • Ordering and distribution of vaccines
    • Mobilizing the community liazing with community health workers and community leaders on national immunization days
    • Collecting and distribution of IEC material on EPI for Umguza East clinics
    • EPI stock management for the whole Umguza East
    • Calculation of vaccine wastages.

    Administration duties

    • Drafting duty roasters
    • Recommending leave days for subordinates
    • Appraising of junior staff including student nurses
    • Conducting domiciliary visits with student nurses
    • Support and supervision of student nurses
    • Sourcing quotations
    • Raising expenditure vouchers
    • Purchasing clinic provisions
    • Acquittal of expenditure vouchers receipts
    • Planning and implementation of outreach services
    • Mobilization and sensitization of community health workers and community leaders on health issues
    • Liasing with schools to inform the community about outreach services to be undertaken on stipulated dates.

    Infection Control

    • Health education on health and hygiene, personal hygiene, environmental hygiene, coughing technique to prevent spread of air bone diseases e.g T.B and good nutrition
    • Collection of sputum and sending to laboratory
    • Contract tracing of STI and TB and screening contacts
    • Use of protective clothing e.g gumboots and gowns
    • Conducting safe deliveries
    • Application of TEO to newly born babies
    • Application of universal accepted methods when dealing with blood and human excreta
    • Proper sharp disposal using sharp disposal boxes
    • Auto clawing of instruments and dressing packs
    • Wound dressing using aseptic techniques
    • Washing of hands after after every procedure
    • Using of disinfectants on soiled linen and when cleaning floors
    • Damp dusting before conducting sterile procedures e.g an hour before aseptic technique.

    Prevention Service

    • Pretest and posttest counseling and testing following a needle prick injury
    • Administration of post exposure prophlaxis following a needle prick injury
    • Offering PMTC phrohylaxis and ART
    • Screening blood for syphilis and treating them including the significant others
    • Health education on HIV-AIDS transmission
    • Screening for T.B on all pregnant mothers
    • Health education on correct and consistent use of condoms both male and female condoms
    • Correct disposal of used condoms
    • Health education on importance of vaccinations.

    Family Planning Service

    • Group information giving to all patients who come to the clinic aout reproductive health and family planning
    • Give information daily on family planning methods and assist each client on choosing the method of choice
    • Inform all clients about how to use F.P method to enable the client to choose wisely and have an informed choice.
    • Explain on disadvantages and disadvantages of each method to enable the client to choose wisely and have an informed choice.
    • Involve males into family planning services so as to gain male involvement in promoting condom use
    • Give review dates.