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The hub of excellence for gender mainstreaming in local governance.

Umguza Rural
District Council

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A local authority with exceptional service deliver, state of the art infrastructure & enabling environment for gender balanced & lucrative economic development


To provide sound governance & exceptional service delivery through sustainable resource utilisation spearheaded by local communities


Loyalty | Respect | Understanding | Excellence | Integrity | Teamwork | Ethics

Core Values

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About Umguza RDC

Umguza RDC

Umguza Rural District Council was established through an Act of Parliament Rural District Council (Chapter 29:13) and is regulated through the same Act, as a Local Authority.

Building Our Dream Community

Key Performance Areas

Basic service delivery

To improve on food security nutrition and adaptation.

  • Develop a ward climate change sustainability and adaptation plan.
  • Introduce small resilient grain to communities.
  • Introduce drought resilient small livestock varieties for resilience.
  • Set up proper sale pens for ease of auctions.

  • Good governance and Public participation

    To reduce pollution and poaching in the district.

  • Explore and implement eco-friendly development.
  • Integrated by- law formulation & enforcement program.

  • Transformation and institutional development

    Mapping and protection of natural resources.

  • Establish and maintain strong partnerships with mining players.
  • Create an inventory database of flora and fauna.
  • Map out resource distribution across the district.

  • Sustainability and inclusive Governance

    Improve spatial utilization of natural resources.

  • Stimulate and facilitate sustainable tourism development.
  • Marketing Umguza RDC as a country and world class destination of choice.

  • Local economic development

    Transform and maintain a vibrant return on livestock investment.

  • Revamp sale pens and dip-tanks.
  • Resuscitate periodic cattle auctions.

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    Devolution Projects

    Devolution Projects


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    Engineering Services

    The Engineering Department plans, develops, and maintains public infrastructure, reviews plans, conducts surveys, collaborates with other departments, manages environmental issues, supervises contractors, provides technical advice, and implements strategic plans.

    Social Services

    The Social Services Department is responsible for enhancing the well-being and quality of life of its communities by providing assistance to vulnerable populations, addressing social issues, implementing community development initiatives, promoting inclusivity, raising awareness, and identifying social needs.

    Health Services

    Umguza RDC prioritizes healthcare services by maintaining clinics across wards, offering essential services like consultations, immunization, and specialized departments. Construction of additional facilities is ongoing.


    The Administration Department manages council activities, human resources, policy development, financial management, stakeholder engagement, inclusivity, and gender mainstreaming to ensure efficient operations and service delivery.


    The Finance Department manages the council's financial resources, including budgeting, expenditure control, revenue collection, compliance with regulations, financial reporting, financial advice, asset management, and audit coordination. It supports the council's mission of delivering essential services and implementing development projects.


    The Audit Department is responsible for auditing financial statements, evaluating internal controls, assessing operational efficiency, monitoring compliance, providing recommendations, preparing audit reports, and monitoring implementation of its recommendations.


    The Environment Department promotes environmental sustainability and conservation through policy development, stakeholder collaboration, environmental impact assessments, awareness raising, natural resource management, innovative solutions, technical advice, and compliance with regulations, contributing to the preservation of natural resources and sustainable development.

    Gender Mainstreaming

    Umguza Rural District Council promotes gender equality and integrates gender perspectives in all council operations. It develops and enforces gender policies, advocates for equal rights, integrates gender perspectives into programs, and collaborates with other departments to address gender inequalities.

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    Umguza RDC junior Council consists of.....

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    Junior Council